Northern Utah RPGA


 Steve organizing his Dragon Dice for the World Championship Tournament. Little does he know...


James and Tom in the Sealed Box tournament. 


 "So...what are the rules on surrendering?"


 James goes a'wenchin'.


Looking down at the sea of gamers heading up to the exhibit hall. Where are the deodorant samples when you need them?


"We only need a 3 or less to make our save!"


After their last safari, the trophy room was never the same.


Tom and Steve set up shop in the empty exhibit hall booth. "Hey buddy, want to get some Pokemon cards? Dirt cheap?"


Setting up for the Dragon Dice World Championship Tournament.


Bitter defeat.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa...can he do that?" Tom and James try out Warhammer.


Steve and Tom at the Alternity demo game. This picture was touched up in Photoshop. Can you tell where?


The miniatures in our Alternity game. We are the guys in the truck...being attacked and drug into the bushes by the alien village natives. Eewwww!


And the sweet taste of victory... in the Sealed Box Plus tournament.