Northern Utah RPGA

Our first game of our 9 hour gaming marathon. This game involved rednecks, the army, and inner city ganstas clashing with zombies at a convenience store. The game was a blast! Steve was a redneck, James and Shay were gang members, and Carter was in the army.

A shot of the miniatures setting. Notice the zombies pouring out of the bus. Public education in action

"Dad! You shot the zombie Flanders!"

"He was a zombie?"

Attention K-Mart shoppers. Cleanup on Aisle 5.

The battle spills into the convenience store as the rednecks battle the zombie police force. At the end of the game, after a brief team-up, James and Shay unleashed on an unsuspecting Steve and busted a cap in his ass.

Rolling up on 5-0s' hoopty.

James and Shay's team raid the police car for goodies. This was before killing Steve's character, of course.

It's quiet now. Too quiet.

An all too realistic close-up of our miniatures.

This was our 2nd game of the day...Shaintar in the Savage Worlds setting. The game was run by the author Sean Patrick Fannon, on the far right.

These three girls were at a table by uncommon con sight. They apparently must have wandered into the con by mistake and were afraid to leave. lest they attract the attention of thousands of desperate gamers.

"Don't act afraid. Geeks can smell fear!"

OMGZORZ!!! All 4 bosses are up!

The Scarlet Monastery bosses make a visit at the con.

Arts and crafts time at the hotel. Steve creates a beholder for the play. "LIVE! LIVE!"

All the times Steve watches his wife scrapbooking finally pays off.

GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Scary, huh?


We also created fake dynamite for the play. This picture was taken, of course, seconds before the FBI burst into the room.

"I demand all your gaming books and a plane to Cuba!"