Northern Utah RPGA

When evaluating the worth of the first night of Gen Con, James and Carter like to use this simple mathmatical calculation:

(Free flight vouchers for next year > First night of Gen Con with your buddies)


Waiting for the con to start.

They put one on every corner. But of course, we missed the one right in our hotel lobby until the last day of the Con last year. We know better now.

Our rush to the exit after a terrorist attack on the convention hall of Laugh-X gas. Oh, wait...these painted freaks are just trying to imitate "The Crow".


A Gen Con tradition...Tom's sleeping picture. This one goes out to all the ladies.

Carter will be sixteen in a few months. What better way to practice tight manuevers around pedestrians than stealing the utility vehicle and spinning around the convention center?

The long walk. To the Con.

As so many other gamers, Steve crashes in the convenion center. Unfortunately, it was on the back of this utility truck, and he woke up in the alley behind the Con without his valuables...except for his gaming stuff. For some reason, the thieves didn't bother with all that gaming crap he had with him.

What the?! We couldn't figure out why this mutant Fisher Price toy was in front of a legitimate war memorial. When in doubt...photograph it.

Our version of Where's Waldo. Waiting to get into the convention center. Can you find Shay, Steve, James & Carter?

A closeup of what it looks like to take last place in the Hackmaster World Championship three years in a row.

Who you gonna call? Steve is checked for PKE.

Showing the free Players Handbooks we got in Learn to Hack, Love to Hack event. Just a preparation for getting stomped in the World Championship.

Being enertained by James' Savage Worlds game. Yes, gaming can be a spectator sport.

The Holy Grail of miniatures. The AT-AT.

Steve getting a book signed by Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis.

Busts of vikings. And...busts of vikings.

Flight to Indianapolis: $180

Gen Con Registration Fee: $60

Hotel: $600

Getting pictures taken with heavy military equipment in the Gen Con exhibit hall: Priceless

Da tank. Oh yeah.

Now we move over to the half-track. What happened that day. Well at Gen Con they say, our testosterone levels grew three sizes that day.

Ah...Ah...Ah....whoo, that was a close one!

Hello Kitty!!!!

A statue of a hot, scantily clad chick from World of Warcraft. If only some things weren't morally and ethically wrong with inanimate objects.

As we walked by the celebrity autograph signing area, somone in their best Chicken Little voice screamed in panic "It's falling down!" Turning to look, we saw that the entire curtain section behind the celebrities had collapsed into the path behind them. We got the camera out just as they were reassembling it. Now if only it had fallen the other way, the picture would have been far more humorous.

You can tell Steve hails from Utah, huh? Sizing up more potential hareem.

Steve tries in vain to retrieve the swallowed up quarter from the #$%@, thieving locker.

The Gen Con Information Booth at the Marriott. This is where all the gamer passerby's asked us questions, directions, etc. We gave them to them, even if we had no idea of the answer...because that is the kind of people we are.

The True Dungeon party. We all died.