Northern Utah RPGA

A Gen Con tradition. Steve and Tom waiting in line for Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast. The lines were huge for this event. I don't think the gamers know there is no actual food involved.

Laura Hickman running a game during the Killer Breakfast. The table of fodder waits behind her.

This year, a dragon was made out of clay during the four days of the Con (filled with aluminum foil). This shot is close to completion. After the play, this is going to be rebuilt as a playground piece somewhere, only made with concrete.

The city of cards. These were pretty good. However, after spending hundreds of dollars for admission, travel, and food for Gen Con, I have a problem with the question "What did you do at Gen Con", and the response "I made buildings from cards all day."

 The come on "Hey there, Tiger", just went to a whole new ballgame.

Oh my...there are just too many potential captions for this pic. This female stormtrooper won the Costume Contest in the Star Wars category. Was there ever any doubt? Tom wanders if the detention block can really be such a bad place. We will never look at stormtroopers the same way again.

Steve with the stormtrooper.

A tie fighter pilot in the exhibit hall.

Steve and Jango Fett hang out and discuss the finer points of interrogation, tracking, and subterfuge.

What's the deal with the red chicken?  Lunch at the India Garden

James busts out the song "Cleric-Wizard" during the Barbarian Idol scene of the Gen Con Play...with apologies to the Eagles and Desperado.

A less serious cast picture after the Gen Con play.

The cast of the Gen Con play, Prime Time Gamers. Front Row (left to right) Steve Bartell (standing in front of state), James Geyerman, Bill Baldwin, and Meghan McGinley. Back Row: Carter Geyerman, Will Harvey, Sarah Bruner, Tony Zanini, Shay Smith, Samantha Baldwin.

You were wondering who still keeps Magic: The Gathering alive? A shot of the Wizards of the Coast online staff w/family & friends after the play at the Alcatraz Brewery.

Another shot of dinner. "Hey, you can't do that with a Chimney Imp!"

They could not fit our whole group of 20 at one table at the Alcatraz, so a few grunts got voted off the island and were at a different table nearby. This is us waiting for our dinner to show up.