Northern Utah RPGA

Here we are during the first game of the day.  As you can see Steve is in thoughtful repose.


Here we are during the Hackmaster World Championship.  Alas, our table to sixth place (out of six tables).

"Thank you, thank very much."

"Yokes and away.  We are off to save the twinkes and ding dongs from the evil clutches of the Lord of 7-11."

Hmm.  Where do we go for the Star Wars game?

At the AC/DShe concert. Sarah forgot her badge at her hotel. After a failed attempt to sneak by security, Shay snuck Steve's badge out to her, they made their 'Bluff' check, and got inside.

Alf or Steve?

Tom moves so fast that he is a blur.

Tom being the good groupy for the band AC/DShe.  Does he look happy or what?

After the rest of the group leaves, Steve and Tom come back to catch the rest of the AC/DShe concert. Here they are hanging with the band during intermission.