Northern Utah RPGA

"Out of my way, Hobbit!"


Carter is disgusted with the glacial pace of the GM on our DragonLance Game


"It comes in pints!?"  The WIZO party at the Rattskeeler.  Free drinks.  Free food.  And fun.


"This is the only card I am missing.  Get my some scizzors, quick!"  James and Carter in front of the huge Magic: The Gathering card mural.  This is every card ever printed.


Play practice.  Maggie gives Bryan a wedgie.  There is one less pair of underwear to wash.


Mmmm...  Beer.  Gurgle gurgle.


Doh!!  Beer again...the sequel.


"You will get me into this event, you volunteer slime!!!"


Playing poker, Steve works on his look.


What is that steam coming from?  Wait...holy smokes!  Tom!!!