Northern Utah RPGA

Our plane trip. If you look closely, you can see the scratch marks in front of Eljay's seat from his white-knuckled grip. Eljay's straight jacket made him feel safer. Even after removing it, he is still keeping the secured shape.


Dinner at the hotel. Ignore the red hunchback in the background.


"Doh!! It says condiments.", a dissappointed Eljay sighs.


After much convincing, we were finally able to convince James and Carter that these miniatures were too big to paint, and even would they get them home?


Our annual picture with the guard statue. A local told us an amusing story of how she talked to 'him' one year before realizing later it was fake. But which one is the fake?


Outside the convention center after picking up our stinkin' badges.


Creating characters for our Living Verge game. This was before creating the pentagram and lighted candles on the floor. Tom was performing white trash calisthenics.


Woah...Tom! What are you doing behind that cheeze statue?!