Northern Utah RPGA
We didn't get to take many pictures today because we were in two games that lasted eight hours total. That, combined with an hour of the exhibit hall, took our entire day. We didn't get any of the Exhibit Hall, today.


This morning, Eljay was not able to find his badge. After a while of looking, he was more than angry, tearing up the place and calling down curses on all of humankind. We helped him look for a while, and Tom asked him if it was in his bag. "No! I checked my bag. I know it is not there.", he replied vehemently. "What is that in your backpack.", was the simple, yet humbling reply from Tom. His badge was sticking out from the front pocket. We marked the badge on this picture for Eljay, just in case he loses it again.


The RPGA hall. Here we are waiting for our Living Greyhawk event to start.


In the event, we decided to have fun with the game (and torment our DM) by having a party of interacial bards (dwarf, human, gnome, half-orc, and half-elf), with Tom behing a human paladin. We all followed Tom as our leader. Don't worry that Steve is not in the picture...he is not missing anything. His character is dead. All of us but Carter went into negative hit points multiple times during the game. Who needs a balanced party?! We met our DM again later that night, and he just shook his head in shame at us.


The concession stand in the RPGA Arena. They were training the girl in the red. "Now, when you hand the hot dog to the gamers, pull back quick! Last year Moesha almost lost her hand!"


Tom, not again!! We have facilities for that at the hotel!