Northern Utah RPGA

At a world-building seminar with Tracy Hickman and his wife (on left). We got to have a great little chat with him afterwards about religion and such.


"You have failed me for the last time, Bartell."


Saturday sees a lot of customes at Gen Con. Here we find a young Jango Fett, prior to the development of his exercise and diet program.


Hmmmm. This is...well....hmmm. I think this guy is trying to be a Warhammer 40k or some such hero.


Another Gen Con costume.


No...don't adjust your monitor. As frightening as it seems, you are seeing this correctly. This is someone dressed as a nun in a leather outfit and bikini bottoms. This was as close as we wanted to get in taking the picture for fear of lightning.


James and Carter in their Deadlands Lost Colony game.


This was a great costume of Blade.


We loved this one. The stormtrooper was dad, and the jedi, Padme, and senator Amidala were his three girls.


Dean doesn't take to losing very well. Here Carter and Dean do a game of Mage Knight at the hotel.


Steve was in the Gen Con play again this year. In an attempt at humiliation, Dean took this one as we stood on stage and all belted out the Star Spangled Banner to do a microphone check. Steve is on the far left of the picture in black.


The crowd gathers to see the play "Once More With Feeling". Carter, James, Eljay, and Tom can be seen in front. At one point in the play, a vampire comes out to the audience and starts throwing 'audience members' around violently. These were actually plants put there beforehand. But they were sitting right next to Tom, and when the bloodlust began, Tom told us he was a little freaked out that he was going to be next.


The play banned flash photography, so none of our pictures came out. Not enough stage lighting. This was the best picture, believe it or not. In this one, Steve is a vampire getting staked by Buffy. This would have been a nice action one, it seems, too. Just tell yourself the action was so great that it was blurry.


The crowd gathers outside of the ballroom to see the play. Little did they know what horror awaited in them. The story, the acting, the singing, the sound problems...take your pick!