Northern Utah RPGA

Who would have thought they would only put one bathroom in the conference center? Oh wait, that is the preregistration line.


This one just had too many lines to go along with it. Choose your favorite:

  • "Yes sir, they are real."
  • "Don't you think I am a little too young, sir."
  • "I only work here sir."
  • James: "Watch me pull a rabbit out of my fannie pack."


They put the guard statue behind the ropes this year to protect him from the riff raff. Please don't feed the animals.


The front of the conference center. You can see a conference goer with his sleeping bag scoping out his spot to stay for the next 4 nights.


The garden city of Milwaukee as seen from our hotel room. We use the term "garden" loosely in a place like Milwaukee.


In our hotel kitchen, James holds up his ravioli. Next step...hold it down.


Practicing for Gen Con the next day, Ben brushes up on his satanic symbols on the internet.