Northern Utah RPGA

The first game of the Con, James, Dean, and Steve joined a SAGA Marvel game. James is at the far left (behind the nerd in the green shirt) and Dean is to his left in his thoughtful pose. The empty chair is Steve's (as he is behind the camera), and to the right of the chair is Kelly Taylor, another member of the Northern Utah RPGA. Just by coincidence, we randomly met up with Kelly in this game.


A view of the RPGA arena. Or is the animal pens at the county fair? You decide.


A Klingon slave ring also operates at Gen Con. Klingon prisoner, or lunch? I hope the former, because this particular group of Klingons need to go on the Slimfast diet plan.


Steve at the Dragon Dice World Championships. Unbeknownst to Steve, but knownst to the other players, a company called SFT bought the license rights to Dragon Dice and had unexpectedly changed some of the rules. The result for Steve? L - O - S - E - R !!!


Dean in the 6-hour Titan tournament. Dean examines the board wondering "Where am I again? Did I really pay $4.50 for this game?" After three hours he threw the game, feeling sympathy for the other players.


This girl going up the escalator uses the "Pre-emptive Butt Grab" technique on herself thus foiling the attempts of other desperate gamers to do it for her.


"Mom, we are stuck in Milwaukee. We ran out of money already. We spent it all on Magic cards. The bus driver is waiting here behind us."


These two guys sat next to James and Steve at dinner. No, that is not a trick of the blurry picture...this guy REALLY has a barbie on his table. His inflatable date must have gotten damaged last night.


James goes to get a drink and salad at Hooters. The only place open within a 5 mile radius at 9:00pm for either food or alcohol. A Hooters girl joins him to take his order. The picture is purposefully blurred to protect James' identity. (Just kidding...this is taken through a window while we were on the street.)


Moments later, James obviously failed his Charisma check.


Ben and Parker play a game of Magic. Wait...what is on the TV?! I thought we blocked those channels at the hotel! Oh...that is just Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.