Northern Utah RPGA

Some events at Gen Con cost a little more...but have some exciting twists. Just kidding...this was a spoof televised newscast interview at one of the booths for a sci-fi computer game, but I forget which one.


The Wizards of the Coast Online Team runs a live version of Totally Twisted Trivia, where Gen Con attendees played "side-by-side" with online participants.


Our online boss of the WotC Online Team, Melanie, takes a breather on the couch. Give her a would you like to be the person who manages us? Sorry Melanie! :-) This is one of the few moments she had between times when Steve approached her with "Are those gift certificates ready yet?"


Another shot of the booth. You may recognize this dice from the one we got in trouble for rolling in our Gen Con 1999 pics. This year, it was my turn to tell excitable gamers to "put the oversized d20 down!"


Some of the action at the Wizards of the Coast booth. (So shoot me...I didn't get out much at the exhibit hall. :-)


A group of Klingons set up shop by capturing Gen Con victims for a fee and holding them in the cell at the left...all for charity! Those who couldn't pay were sent up to endure events portrayed in the picture at the top of this page.


A larger shot of the Exhibit Hall.


After decades of enduring Gen Con madness, smells, and out of control crowds, the city of Milwaukee finally retaliates against the gamers by bringing out the heavy artillery!


This year at Gen Con, Dean learned about his addiction to Magic: The Gathering, spending much of his time in tournaments. We would recommend therapy, but since Dean is a doctor, we assume he knows what he is doing.


Steve poses with Darth Maul after briefly debating the intricacies of Midichlorines.


A sick and twisted form of entertainment for gamers at Gen Con, or simply a scene from the Ravenloft play "O'Barovia!"? You decide.