Northern Utah RPGA

An emergency team makes their way into the convention center to help out a gamer in distress? Did a gamer go postal and lose the line between reality and fantasy? Was it a elderly person who accidentally found their way into the convention center and passed out in shock and horror at what they saw? Or did a gamer simply consume too many hot dogs, nachos, and soda pop? We never found out...but we hope they are OK.


A bad shot of the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons seminar room. But it was an impressive setup. Press briefs, seminars, and other events on D&D were held here constantly throughout the con.


Eljay and Dean about to become a Scooby Snack at the Scooby Doo TCG booth.


Steve and Scooby in front of the Mystery Machine. "Rrook out Raggy!!" Steve's wife has thus far refused to let him paint their minivan in the same fashion.


This museum-type dragon skeleton was just dang cool...hands down. Or is it a mini dracolich? I tried to get a female passerby to pose as Shandril throwing a spellfire bolt at it, but with no luck.


Convention attendees got to assist in the creation of a clay dragon's head.